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Article review (Ogden, Violette, & Schultz, 1985)

See attached file.
Need help to write a one page summary of this article.

Can you please help with the following,

Please summarize your thoughts or main points of article. Also explain:

a) Please explain what was the purpose and the justification of the article?

b) Describe the study design, and how the data was collected and analyzed.

c) What were the main limitations or biases in the study? If any?

d) What did the study conclude? Also any other information you think is pertinent in addition can you please add.

Please reword in own words if paraphrase please include reference in paragraphs and please include in text, citation, and please provide reference list, please in APA format.


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Matheson, Ogden, Violette, & Schultz (1985) present an overview of "work hardening for the industrially injured that is "grounded in the traditional models and practices of occupational therapy" and has evolved as an evaluative and therapeutic medium to meet the "needs of consumers in the 1980s" (p. 314).

The purpose of this study is to build a case for work hardening in occupational therapy through a historical review of the term on several levels. In justification, the authors provide evidence for the "need for the specialized services that occupational therapists are uniquely ...

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Assists in an artilce review: Work hardening: Occupational Therapy in Industrial Rehabilitation (Ogden, Violette, & Schultz, 1985) by addressing each point.