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Making Languages Nonsexist, Nonracist and Nonagist

I need to make the following sentences nonsexist, nonracist and nonagist. 1. The directors and their wives met the stockholders for a night on the town. (need to make sentence nonsexist) 2. Each advisor was contacted by his students. (need to make sentence nonsexist). 3. The minister joined the couple together as man and wi

Private Security Services in Iraq

I need help with information and organization for a paper on the following topic: 1. There are so many contract security that private firms are using over there that are not the military. Please prepare a overview of private security services used in Iraq.

Linking elements of a proposal

A proposal has distinct parts: cover letter, summary, organizational statement and background, assessment and needs statement, program design and timeline, goals and objectives, program evaluation, and budget. While these are all separate areas that must be addressed in the proposal, the proposal should also have a narrativ

Proposal: Needs assessment & Program Portion

If the needs assessment portion of a proposal explains the why, the program portion of a proposal is the how. 1. Explain how you would connect what you propose to do to the need. 2. What is the connection between the need in the community and the way that you are proposing to meet it. For example, hunger is an acute need

"The Prince" is discussed.

In speaking of the prince's military duties, Machiavelli says, "being disarmed makes you despised." This posting highlights the disadvantages of being defenseless.

Similarities of three writers views on Justice

Can anyone help me with some points of similarities between these three writers on their views on justice: Marcus Tullius Cicero John Rauls Martha Nussbaum Also what political behaviors do they value?

Article Analysis

Identify at least one argument in the article below. Recall that arguments either support the hypothesis, or present a differing viewpoint of that hypothesis. Remember, a differing viewpoint may not necessarily oppose the hypothesis, it may simply present another perspective that is slightly different from your stated claim. SEC

How is the absurd depicted in literature?

This posting examines the absurd and answers these questions: How do the characters react to the absurd? What can we say about the characters and even broader, the human condition, based on that reaction? Hunger Artist Metamorphosis Before the Law In the Penal Colony The Stranger The Plague

This posting presents a summary of the GDP trends.

This posting answers these inquiries: 1. Calculate real GDP for 2004 and 2005 using 2004 prices. By what percent did real GDP grow? 2. Calculate the value of the price index for GDP for 2005 using 2004 as the base year. By what percent did prices increase? 3. Now calculate real GDP for 2004 and 2005 using 2005 prices. By wh

A Case Study Analysis

In early April, Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., successfully recruited several new hires in spite of having been at his new job for only six months; this was his first recruitment effort. He hired 15 new trainees to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. He scheduled a new hire orientation

Investigation for Price Fixing

This solution visits the website for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to get the facts on the most recent price fixing cases.

Kafka Questions about Metamorphosis and Hunger Artist are explained.

The Metamorphosis is examined in terms of these questions: 1. In the Metamorphosis, do you feel that Mr. Samsa respected Gregor for being the sole provider within their household. 2. Does Gregor hunger for a relationship with Grete? 3. Does society reject Gregor and if so how? 4. Did Gregor try to reduce his famil

Communication and Rhetoric

Respond to Discussion Questions 1. Prior to interacting on a personal level with individuals that have different backgrounds from your own, how do you prepare yourself for the encounter, or do you not prepare, as related to perceptions? 2. What is most difficult for you in the listening process? How will you improve your

Workplace scenarios are deconstructed.

These scenarios are depicted: Scenario I: Present an explanation of either an observed work occurrence or an example of a possible workplace scenario. Choose a situation in which the perspective of an employee is not the same as the perspective of the employer. Explain how the perceptions of the scenario differ, and offer

Perception and Self Concept are distinguished.

I discuss and explain the relationship between perception and self-concept. I also look at what types of emotions are appropriate to express in the workplace? Who is it acceptable to express them to? Does your relationship with that person make a difference? How do culture and a person's childhood experiences influence his or h