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New technology for communications

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Please help me examine a new technology for communication (Electronic medical records, voice recognition, etc.) and how it is impacting communication in healthcare. I Also need to know how efficient and effective communication is with this technology, advantages and disadvantages, impact on consumers, and financial impact on organizations both long and short term. Please help me: Identify any technological improvements that could still be made in the future with this new technology and why.

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One of the oldest and newest communication technologies that I find fascinating is the heart telemetry monitors that people can wear home or use in hospital. The use of these machines, telemetry units in hospitals include all kinds of monitors from blood pressure to kidney function, is a step forward in healthcare for people with health problems that do not want to spend their lives in the ICU.

Telemetry is a way to send data, electronically, from Point A to Point B. Units in hospitals are set up to deal with patients using telemetry. The level of care can be focused more than a normal hospital admittance patient, but less than an ICU patient. As the science and communication technology has advanced, so has the ability to monitor from other places. (http://health.discovery.com/encyclopedias/illnesses.html?article=3048) Some of these monitors can monitor pacemakers and heart rhythm.

Heart disease is a very real problem, especially for women. It has moved up to one of the biggest killers of women in the United States. Lifestyle and eating patterns, along ...

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A single new technology for communications is examined, the heart telemetry monitor.

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