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    CARS Checklist and Annotated Bibliography

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    I need assistance creating a cars checklist and an annotated bibliography APA style by using the attached sources.

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    Dear Student,
    As a part of the Brainmass staff, it is my job to help you understand an assignment so that you can work on it by yourself. I have done some research and uncovered excellent tips for you to follow. If you follow everything I have provided, you will be able to accomplish this assignment effortlessly.

    Thank you for posting a technical paper for us English majors to edit. I had pleasure working on it to help you better understand what a CARS checklist's functions are for your annotated bibliography.

    I have provided the exact guideline to which you need in order to write up a source for an ERIC database. This piece of information will be provided on the document which you originally submitted. I can't do the bibliography for you because that would be writing your assignment. So if you will please juet follow the exact order of everything you need in that one colored example of how to cite an ERIC database, you will be able to wirte them all.

    Moreover, this is what I have located on what a CARS checklist does for you when you look for credible sources online.
    The following sections of information are for you to utilize as you start developing your own CARS checklist as you go through with each website you have located.

    *****The CARS Checklist...


    ...is designed to provide some criteria for assessing the quality of a source, whether it is print or online. Few sources will meet every criterion in the list, and even those that do may not possess the highest level of quality possible. But if you learn to use the criteria in this list to critically evaluate the material you are reading, you will be much better able to separate the high-quality information from the poor quality. First, read the summary of the CARS Checklist below, then do the ...