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    The Theme of Love, Explored in Art and Literature

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    Choose a theme (love, coming of age, good vs. evil, etc.). Pick at least one work from the Bedford text. The other work can be from literature, art, film, comic books, radio, or TV - or another choice with instructor approval. Discuss the works, analyzing and comparing how they develop the theme you have chosen.

    Your analysis should include:

    1. an introduction that presents the theme you have chosen
    2. the works you are analyzing and comparing,
    3. a body including the analyses of the works, and
    4. a conclusion.
    In your analysis, be sure to mention:

    How these works develop the theme?
    How they change the theme?
    How the genre impacts the development of the theme?

    I have chosen Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem, "Annabel Lee,". So you will have to choose another source to talk about the same theme. So please in this task use Annabel Lee as one of the works.

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    Research stage: First of all, I read the poem and thought about the elements described. We have the supernatural element of the angels taking Annabel away, the macabre part where the author lies down every night by her tomb. Poe is depicting love as all-encompassing and otherworldly; they’re so much in love that the angels are jealous. Here are some sites that analyze this poem:
    I then searched my art history books for a painting depicting the kind of love Poe was talking about. The painting I chose is Marc Chagall’s “L’Anniversaire,” which means birthday. (The painter’s birthday) Below I’ve included a few links to it. It’s the one where he’s flying over his wife to kiss her. She’s in the kitchen and holding flowers. The reason I picked this one is because it reminded me of the angel imagery in Poe’s poem. It almost seems as if Chagall is an angel, at least upon first glance. That was before I read the sidebar (which I will type below). But when you’re analyzing why you chose it, it’s okay to use first impressions such as those. When first looking at the picture, I thought that perhaps the man was death trying to steal away the woman. Upon closer inspection, he’s so in love with his woman that he is, literally, flying. Now that’s love.

    I also have a quote from the book I used, Chagall, by Jacab Baal-Teshuva, 2008. Taschen Publishers are in Los Angeles. You might want to use pieces of this quote, from page 87, in your writing: “In 1914 Chagall returned to Russia to marry his beloved fiancée Bella Rosenfeld and bring her back to Paris. He expressed his deep love for her in several paintings from 1915-1917. In her book First Encounter, Bella describes how she wanted to decorate Chagall’s room on his birthday with flowers and coloured shawls. While she was still ...

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    A piece of art and a piece of literature are analyzed extensively and drawn together to demonstrate the theme of love.