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    thematic literary comparison

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    Choose a theme (e.g., love, coming of age, good vs. evil). Pick at least one work from the Bedford text. The other work can be from literature, art, film, comic books, radio, or TV (or another choice with instructor approval). Discuss the works, analyzing and comparing how they develop the theme you have chosen.

    Your analysis is likely to be drafted and presented to the senior editors, so it should include the following:

    â?¢An introduction that presents the theme you have chosen
    â?¢The works you are analyzing and comparing
    â?¢A body including the analyses of the works
    â?¢A conclusion
    In your analysis, be sure to answer the following questions:

    â?¢How do these works develop the theme?
    â?¢How do they change the theme?
    â?¢How does the genre impact the development of the theme?

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    As the assignment says, you should select 2 works of literature and look at it from one of the suggested thematic angles: love, coming of age, good vs evil). As well, you should answer the three questions posted at the end of the assignment's directions. I suggest the following strategy to organize your essay and address all the targets of this assignment.

    Organize your essay thusly:

    1. Provide a sentence or two of background information on the theme you select. Example: Love has been a prevailing topic of literature. From "Romeo and Juliet" to "The Handmaid's Tale", writers have used the idea of love to discuss human nature.
    2. After this background information, provide a thesis that states clearly what your point of view is on the ...

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