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Elaborate on the best way that you have found to "get to the desk" and write

Please I need a 150 words answer on each of the following questions if you can find it in the library. Thanks

1. Elaborate on the best way that you have found to "get to the desk" and write. You might want to briefly draw on the comments in the lecture for your insights.
2. Do a focused Freewriting activity for fifteen minutes. Because your topic is focused this time, you may want to choose a topic related to your first assignment. The results could then be applied to work that will help in completing this assignment. This is just a suggestion, however. For this discussion question, make comments on your focused Freewriting that will provide insights as to the usefulness that this type of activity may have for your writing in the future. Do not include the Freewriting work itself in this response.

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I can give you insights into how I write, though they may not work in context with the lecture information noted. In my case I spend at least half an hour, time during driving, down time to just think about what I want to say and how I want to say it. I say it, then I may change it, the direction, the focus, or the content, but I continue to think about the things I want to say. Often, as is true with most speaking, what I play out in my mind will need to be edited a lot for writing, but I do have a better idea of what to say and ...

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