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Gulliver's Travels Focal Topics

In looking at the designated century, discuss the following:

Trends in the use of symbolism

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As you examine symbols within Gulliver's Travels, please allow these ideas to help:

First, please note how the Lilliputians seem to represent the world's egotism and pride. Although they are the smallest, their pride is quite gigantic. Please note how the royal family acts to showcase their excessive nature.

Next, you also might look at the symbolism associated with the Laputans. Please show how they stand for theories. Since the Age of Enlightenment brought about new ideas, the Laputans seem to represent the absurd ideas that they embodied. When they made sunbeams from cucumbers and transformed human waste into food, the academy also served as a symbol to the free spirited thinkers of Swift's era.

As you further look at symbolism with the Houyhnhnms, they are more difficult since they seem ...

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Symbolism is evoked.