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Energy conservation, centripetal acceleration and force, and projectile.

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Energy conservation, centripetal acceleration and force, and projectile.
A circular pipe whose radius R= 10 m, has a frictionless surface. A small frictionless mass placed on its highest point, slides down to a point where it loses contact, then travels in free fall to impact on the ground.
See the diagram in the attachment.

a. Find the angle b from vertical to a
radius from center to the small mass
at the instant it loses contact.
b. For an x,y origin at the point where it
loses contact, find the x and y
coordinates of the impact point on the
See diagram on the attachment.

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Energy conservation, centripetal acceleration and force, and projectile are focal topics.

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a. From rest at the highest point, the mass slides down the surface gaining speed. After leaving the starting point but before losing contact, say when the the mass m has described angle c, the two forces on mass m are: mg vertically downward, and normal force N outward along a radius. as shown by Fig. 2 in the problem attachment. At this point, Newton's second law, "Fc = m ac" for the radial direction, is expressed by:
(1) m g ...

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