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    Gulliver's Travels' similarities between humans and "Yahoos"

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    From Gulliver's Travels, can you discuss the similarities between human beings and "Yahoos"?

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    In comparing the similarities between the Yahoos and the humans you must always keep in mind that it is a satire. The author Swift grossly exaggerates the characteristics of the "Yahoo" to make his point. The Yahoos are shown as basic creatures with a barbaric nature and no ability to learn. Swift uses these creatures to symbolize man, but the comparison is not accurate and instead works to degrade humans. The European Yahoos are not the primitive creatures Swift makes them out to be. But it cannot be denied that they do share some similarities which work to enhance Swift's satire.

    You need to look closely at the sections where Gulliver provides a long description of the Yahoos because this is where the reader is supposed to infer some similarities. You can ...

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    This solution shows the reader how to find examples in the text which they should look at closely to answer the question. It gives them a glimpse of what Swift is doing with the similarities and differences between the Yahoos and humans. The solution gives specific sections to look at and how they work, and what Swift's aim is.