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Symbolism is discussed in Johnson's autobiography

Since a symbol is described as an object that holds a significance larger than its literal one, I am wondering about the symbol of the 10 dollar coin Johnson receives in Chapter 1 of this book?

1) What is the symbolic meaning of this item?

2) How is this meant to help the reader's understanding of the story?

I am looking for examples from the chapter to support these ideas.

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In the first place, I feel like the money represents the obvious socioeconomic deprivation that he experiences as an African American in a white society and the injustices socially, emotionally, and economically that follow. It seems to also dente the economic oppression for specifically him and his mother based on their black race.

It also seems to convey larger symbolism with him as a boy, wanting to be the family's breadwinner as he recollects, earning money as he recalls "I remember that his shoes or boots were always shiny, and that he wore a gold chain and a great gold watch with which he was always willing to let me play."

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