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Ann Beattie's short work, "Snow"

This posting covers the story and determines if snow is a symbol.

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First, you might analyze her symbolism in terms of the title. Please notice how snow usually represents death in many works of literature. Since snow is the death of nature, you might want to talk about how Ann Beattie's conveys her narrator's love story and the ultimate death of the union with this symbolic title. You might also want to investigate the symbolism associated with the love affair. The narrator remembers "snow so pervasive that it filled the sky like an enormous field of Queen Anne's lace." Snow seems to reveal that their love, like snow, made the rest of life still or frozen. Love has the power to immobilize all other daily or worldly aspects.

Snow is also symbolic when the man in the house next door dies. It also represents the ultimate death of the love affair for the narrator.

In addition to the snow symbolism, you might also want to write about the flower symbolism. Not only does Beattie use "Queen Anne's lace," but she also uses "crocuses" when the character looks back at what "had been our ...

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