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Organizational Behavior Moment Discussion Questions

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Read "An Organizational Behavior Moment" on page 41. Complete discussion questions.

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1. Ann Wood faced people related problems and issues during the day. Ann's interaction with Joe Jackson in the morning, promising to get the intranet up as a priority; and looking into the reason for recent turnover, as well as dealing with Brooke Carpenter and his people's concerns regarding pay, training, and training are examples of this as well as dealing with emails related to dissatisfaction with her department's (read employees) work. Ann handled these issues efficiently by prioritizing work needed for important market analysis, and asking Joe to develop a "concrete proposal" on what could be done to reduce turnover. In both of these cases Ann did not accept work, instead she redirected work to prioritize computer processes; and in the case of Joe she asked him to come up with a proposal of what to do to slow turnover. With Brooke the issue was important enough to get involved quickly, but again, Ann used her head to look beyond the ...

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