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Images in Ann Beattie's text

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Beattie says in this story, "Seconds and symbols are left to sum things up."
What symbols do you see in this story?
What do they sum up?

For example, is the snow a symbol? What does it symbolize for you? What does the cover of the pool symbolize? Could the chipmunk be a symbol? For what?

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Images in Ann Beattie's text are explicated.

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Stories and novels employ images and symbols just like poems do. In Ann Beattie's "Snow," the snow, frozen ground, the chipmunk, the yellow paint, and Queen Anne's lace are all significant.
Recall that in "Snow," the narrator has spent one winter in a country house with a lover, and, looking back on it, she views this time as the most significant time of her life, short as it was. This realization is expressed through the symbols of the frozen ground and snow. Also note that winter is a period of the year when recognizable life is dormant and apparently dead. But this season was the most magnificent part of the narrator's life, and one she remembers longingly.
The narrator recalls a chipmunk jumping out of a ...

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