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Ben Franklin and his father

Early in his Autobiography, Franklin praises some of his fatherâ??s qualities: â??He had a mechanical Genius too, and on occasion was very handy in the Use of other Tradesmenâ??s Tools. But his great Excellence lay in a sound Understanding, and solid Judgment in prudential Matters, bit in private and public Affairsâ?¦I remember well his being frequently visited by leading People, who consulted him for his Opinion on Affairs of the Town or of the Church he belongâ??d to and showâ??d a good deal of Respect for his Judgment and Advice.â? What did he value most about his fatherâ??s example? From what you remember of the rest of the Autobiography, how did Franklin emulate his father

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Even though Franklin admired his father's mechanical skills with various tools of the trade, he particularly admired his father's common sense approach to solving practical matters involving reason, logic and judgment. His father was a reflective thinker, who considered matters from a number of various angles, taking into consideration the viewpoints of both sides ...

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Di9scussion of Benjamin Franklin's autobiography, and reflections upon his father, whom he admired and emulated.