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Synthesis Analysis of Plausible Consequence in Literature

Explain the concept of "plausible consequences" in terms of its value in a piece of literature.

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What do we understand by plausible consequences? First, we define the term plausible which refers to an apparently valid situation or credible. Plausible can also refer to offering a deceptive impression of reliability or truth. On the other hand consequence refers to an effect that comes out of a certain condition or action. Thus, a plausible consequence implies a condition/result/action that is superficially persuasive or pleasing. Thus, we can link certain value in Literature to plausible consequences by basing our discussion on various texts.
We can base our discussion on the book, "The French Lieutenant's Woman (1969)" by John Fowler which has two inside values; sadness and ...

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The paper seeks to address the linkage between values in a text which can be considered to pose plausible consequence with some literary texts. The paper has used several texts to illustrate this fact. The paper has also identified various group of texts that can be classified to have plausible consequence.