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Johnson Chemical International

Please read the case provided in the link below (pages 23-30), and then help me answer the 6 questions on page 26.

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1. Evaluate Johnson's actions in dealing with the e-mail.

I think that Johnson's actions in dealing with the e-mail were appropriate. Once the supervisors of Johnson's Chemicals became aware of the email, they immediately took action. The vice president of human resources immediately met with the CEO, the secretary and general Counsel, Vice Presidents of Operations, and Vice President of Public Affairs. Each individual involved seem to have some conversations with employees regarding their concerns and discussed those concerns with the Vice President of Human Resources, Jeff Rice.

Jeff Rice thereafter composed an email to all employees advising them that the actions undertaken in the email were completely inappropriate, should be ceased, and that the same constituted a violation of employment practices.

Johnson's Chemicals further attempted to deal with the email in the public eye by submitting a statement to the press advising that Johnson's Chemicals does not condone the actions and inappropriateness of the email and that they would find out who was responsible and handle said employee appropriately.

My only question is how long after the e-mail was sent did the upper supervisory level employees of Johnson's Chemicals receive notification of the same. If quite some time had passed, weeks for example, then the supervisors should have made decisions much quicker.

2. Examine the data contained in Exhibits 1.10 and 1.12-1.17. What seems to be the most significant diversity ...

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