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Exemplification essay

I need help with this please. Unsure exactly how to write this and cannot find enough information on any of the subjects. Need any references used.

Exemplification essay on one of the following topics:

Sustainable development
Democracy in the digital age
Information technologyâ??s effect on society

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As the word "exemplification" suggests, this is an essay that will use examples to make an argument/point.

So, in this essay you'll need to decide which of the three topics to write about. Sustainable development has to do with environmental issues. How can we use our natural resources (oil, timber, etc.) in a way to meet our needs now, but also allow people in the future to have enough to meet their needs. To find out more about sustainable development just do a search for "sustainable development" on google, yahoo, or your favorite internet search engine. I found plenty of articles on the internet.

E.g., http://www.globalissues.org/issue/367/sustainable-development

As for democracy in the digital age, I ...

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