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the difference between search language and search engines

Are you a skilled Internet researcher? Why or why not? What specific strategies from your Unit II learning assignments could you use to improve your Internet research? Discuss your Internet research skills and strategies that can strengthen or improve those skills.

Discuss the difference between search language and search engines and how you use both for Internet research. Provide specific examples to illustrate and support your points.

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Skilled Internet researchers should possess several skills that assist them in conducting research of their own. These skills include, but are not limited to the following:
- Awareness of the research process.
- Ability to judge the quality of research.
- Ability to analyze, search through, and summarize other research.
- Ability to collect the type of data that relate to a specific area of interest and evaluate Internet research sources.
- Knowledge of basic principles of ethical Internet research.

There are also many strategies that you could use to improve your Internet research skills. Inexperienced searchers often start their online searching without formulating a plan. You should always begin your search with "Asking the Question". Questions can be as broad as inquiring about the effects of global warming on our environment, or as specific as the relationship between economic development in a specific country and adaptation to climate change. Once the ...

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