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Knowing the Difference Between the Two Kinds of Knowledge

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Doubt is the key to knowledge (Persian Proverb). To what extent is this true in two areas of knowledge?

This is the topic of an assigned essay. In order to address the essay, the student must know the two areas of knowledge, tacit and explicit, and apply the definition of each to the two separate aspects of the quote (doubt and knowledge) in order to fully address the writing assignment. This posting provides a link, as well as definitions of what tacit knowledge is and what explicit knowledge is.

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In order to write this essay, you need to identify the kinds of knowledge.** I have included a link that describes two kinds of knowledge.


The two kinds of knowledge are "explicit" and "tacit." Explicit knowledge is objective: it is not based upon opinion or beliefs, but upon numbers, scientific data, universal principles, etc. This kind of knowledge can be presented in a tangible way as with a mathematical equation.

Tacit knowledge is subjective in nature (and intangible), dealing with beliefs and hunches or intuition. This knowledge is often difficult to communicate, and is generally based upon ideals, values, emotions, or personal experiences.

There are two forms of tacit knowledge: one deals with a high level of skill or expertise, but may be hard to ...

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