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    Assessment vs. Instruction

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    Please help answer the following questions:

    What is the difference between instruction and assessment? What similarities do the two share? Why is it important to know the difference between them? Use an example to support your answer.

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    What is the difference between instruction and assessment?
    Instruction is the teaching content portion of education. It is how you teach the students the new material, content or skill. Instruction can (and should) take place in multiple different ways to support different learning styles and strengths (auditory, visual, hands on, etc.)

    Assessment can take place prior to, during or after instruction. Assessment that takes place prior to instruction determines what the student's background knowledge on the topic is and what areas the teacher needs to cover more in depth. Assessment during ...

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    This solution provides a comparison of assessment and instruction with examples is given in 353 words. It answers questions regarding the difference between instruction and assessment, similarities in the two, and the importance of knowing the difference between them.