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American culture and differentiating sexes in childhood

Can you help me support an answer on this culture question and it reads, "How do child-rearing practices differentiate the sexes in American culture? You could use methods of discipline, toys, games, stories, etc.

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Though this might be creating stereotypes with the sexes, I will attempt to give my experiences.

In matters of child-rearing, the first year or so is mostly the mother, bonding, feeding, cleaning up, teaching, playing with the child. While this is not always true, females often have the responsiblity and expectations of society to play this major role for the first couple of years. After a time of potty training, men make take a more active role, but the day to day issues of child rearing usually fall to the mother. This would include taking care of a sick child or taking them for regular appointments for health and teeth and shopping for the kids' clothes, shoes, and other essentials. Also, women seem to have the burden of teaching things like to count, speak properly, and the ...

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A discussion on how Americans differentiate the sexes in childhood. Several different methods are discussed.