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Perception and Self Concept

I discuss and explain the relationship between perception and self-concept. I also look at what types of emotions are appropriate to express in the workplace? Who is it acceptable to express them to? Does your relationship with that person make a difference? How do culture and a person's childhood experiences influence his or her perceptions as an adult?

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As you discuss and explain the relationship between perception and self-concept, please use some of these brainstorming ideas to guide you:

1. First, self-concept correlates with perception in various ways. For example, our perception of the way we think we appear to others impacts our notion of self or self concept. In addition to those internal feelings, self-concept also links to perception because people evaluate themselves based on how others perceive them. People often learn to perceive the world as others do; thus, self-concept is a response or often a result of other people's reactions. This "give and take," "cause/effect" relationship results in shame or pride that we associate as self-concept.
In turn, self-concept comes not only from others' perceptions but also from self-perception. An example of this causal relationship is a self-fulfilling prophecy. To illustrate, if someone is constantly told that he or she is weak in math, that person may tend to choose a college major ...