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Data Collection and Perception of a Situation

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1) Data and analysis are important to use in many steps of the program design and evaluation process. In this discussion, you'll review the steps in the process and discuss what kind(s) of data might be used for that step.
Identify the differences between qualitative and quantitative data collection processes.
Identify one of the steps in the program design and evaluation process.
Which data collection process will work best to collect information in that step? Why?

2) View the video "New Employee" by clicking the following link and then clicking the triangular play button in that window: New Employee. Use the concepts in Units 3 and 4 to explain the relationship between self-concept and
perception in this interpersonal communication situation by addressing the following: New Employee video can be view at http://www.cengage.com/custom/static_content/OLC/111151786X/wood_ch01.html
Describe your perception of the situation.
What do you think is the self-concept of Toya?
How is self-concept affecting the interaction? Is it helping it?
Hindering it? Explain.
Using the process of human perception starting on page 68, explain the situation.
Then, using the guidelines for improving perception and communication on page 83, provide at least two tips (or advice) for each on how to handle the situation in an effective way.

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On Data Analysis

What is data analysis? The simplest explanation is that it is the part of the scientific method wherein the data or information collected to explore a subject of study or phenomenon is inspected, tested, transformed, modelled, studied and put through its paces so as to either validate or negate the hypothesis or to yield patterns that can explain the phenomenon. Thus, data analysis, while sticking to the scientific rules, has varied ways of being implemented dependent upon the nature of the study. The approaches are quite many using different techniques and can be seen applied regularly in the natural sciences, the social sciences and in business. For example, a poll survey of public opinion on gun ban in America after the Sandy Hook shootings will utilise quantitative data analysis methods which would differ from a descriptive study of the home-life situations of violent teens which is qualitative. A key element that dictates data analysis technique is the nature of the data. Quantitative methods have numeric data and qualitative methods employ text data. Another kind of data is categorical data which can be transformed in use for both types of methods.

Steps in data collection are varied dependent on the nature of the study and the purpose of the study. It begins with data collection followed by data cleaning wherein data ...

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Data collection and perception of a situation is examined.

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