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Businesses in a more diverse market

Pleas help me to respond to this question on culture influences:

To accommodate the increasing U.S. demographic diversity, what changes (e.g., advertising, religious obligations, gender, etc) will businesses have to make?

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To meet the growing diversity of the world as it grows smaller and the United States as it becomes more diversified, businesses are going to have to recognize many different types of changes in how they do business, hire people, arrange benefit packages, advertise to audiences, and perform public relations. Not every person and every culture accepts every business move as an essential for their lives.

Businesses cannot just do business where and how they want in terms of neighborhoods, regions, locations. To be competitive they will have to work to appeal to a broader base of populations and realize their competition is not just on the corner, but across the globe. This calls for more interest in the external environment. One friend of mine had a clothing store for several decades. Recently she closed it, complaining that the locals just didn't show ...

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A discussion on how businesses will have to make changes to accommodate the changes in diversity in the U.S.