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The Internet and Changes in Business

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1. Describe the major changes that are occurring in the business world in the U.S. due to the rise of the Internet.
2. What costs are likely to be incurred by businesses in the U.S. due to these changes?
3. What benefits are likely to be incurred by businesses in the U.S. due to these changes?

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1. The most major change is the global nature of all business, if the company has an online presence including social media and websites. This makes the possibility of consumers from every corner of the planet wanting to buy the products or services very real and very important to address.

Companies must plan for the opportunity to sell in these markets and their supply chains and distributions channels to handle business. If the business has only one customer or hundreds, there should be a plan in place. The consequences can occur from yet another major change, immediate information.

Immediate access to information is always good, except in cases where complaints are written, and become part of the permanency of the internet. This ability to complain about service, a product, or customer service will become a part of the searchable aspect of the internet, the minute it is posted. Making plans for better customer service and any ...

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This solution discusses the global nature and related changes of business, technology, distribution channels and training expenses, and the benefits to U.S. businesses.

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