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    How E-Marketing Changes the Internet

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    Guidelines to ensure that a website's welcome page is effective.

    Industries using B2C business models for a transaction broker.

    Percentage of US households that have Internet access.

    How e-marketing has changed the Internet.

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    //Internet has become an inherent part of both individuals and business. The medium has transformed from being a social medium connecting people to a source of offering business opportunities to a wide range of population. In this context, there are certain aspects associated with Internet, which have been discussed here in terms of online business activities.//

    Guidelines for an effective welcome page

    A welcome page or the whole website can become effective depending upon its usability and utility, along with visual design. A website can become successful or failure depending upon the ease in accessing it. The essential things that need to be considered are quality and credibility of a web page. If a page has high quality content, but has too many ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 476 words with references.