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Verbal messages using a sitcom

I need to write analysis (paper) conveying a more effective verbal message using the following guidelines.

A television sitcom from either network broadcast, the Internet, or home video media.
Describe the storyline of the episode and the key characters so that I can analyze one of the conversations by describing the subject, participants.

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The show is "Everybody Loves Raymond"
The Episode is "Fun with Debra"
The characters are Ray, the main character, a sportswriter. He is married to Debra and they have three children, including a set of twins. His parents and brother Robert, live across the street and leave Ray and Debra with little privacy and peace.
In this episode, Debra decides to go golfing with Ray. She wants to help revive their relationship to the fun loving one they enjoyed before the children and current situation.
Debra is a stay at home mom. She is not known as a good cook, but the standards of her mother-in-law are impossible for ...

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An analysis of the verbal messages within a sitcom episode.