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Brand Extension and Board Games

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I need to write a paper discussing how I would create a brand extension of a product. I am a board game geek who loves The Big Bang Theory and I thought I'd like to select the game of Life and do a Big Bang version of that game (like Big Bang Monopoly and Trivia that have already been created and marketed). Life is still a pretty popular game and I think a remake that includes the characters from The Big Bang Theory would be successful. The paper should include the rationale for the brand extension and needs to only be 3 pages, but I don't know where to start.

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In order to deliver a new product to the marketplace, the concept is unique that consumers will willingly purchase at certain price points. In starting the brand extension into game industry, the product really requires an already popular following. In doing so, the Big Bang Monopoly and Trivia is a normal extension of a popular series program that continues on into the game industry. Focus on the proposal for the game to be in regards of the following:

- The Big Bang Show is a popular sitcom with over xxxx number of viewers in the past few years.

- The going price point for such a game of monopoly or trivia will suffice in translating the type of consumer over to purchasing the game, such as, 14.99 or higher.

- Big Bang Monopoly will suffice as a similar model as the show to present resemblance of the ...

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The review into the Big Bang Theory on creating a monopoly game.