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    Discussion: Nabisco and Mercedes Benz

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    Nabisco and Mercedes Benz
    Given the two brand names Nabisco and Mercedes Benz, choose a couple brand extensions that you believe make sense and some that do not. Explain why and discuss.

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    I will just clarify what brand extensions means.
    It is the application of a brand beyond its initial range of products, or outside of its category. This becomes possible when the brand image and attributes have contributed to a perception with the consumer where the brand and not the product is the decision driver.

    So Nabisco - here is their website which lists their products: http://www.nabiscoworld.com/brands/
    I think a good brand extension might be for them to start making breakfast cereals or bread. Why is this good? ...

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    Given the two brand names, a couple brand extensions that you believe make sense are examined.