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    Brand Extension Disasters

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    I need some help getting started on the following:

    Please consider the three listed brand extension below, and explain why they failed, and also why they were inappropriate and/or in effective.

    1. Sylvestor Stallone's Company Instone: High Protein Pudding
    2. Harley Davidson Cake Decorating Kit
    3. "Heinz: All Natural Cleaning Vinegar

    A list of resources used will also be helpful.

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    Brand Extension Disasters

    1. Sylvester Stallone's Company Instone: High Protein Pudding

    - Stallone, a popular action star, a person perceived to have high standing in society. Gardner (2011) pointed out that Stallone is on the board of directors for a nutrition supplements company called Instone LLC, which purchased a high-energy, low-carb pudding for bodybuilders from another company, Freedom Foods LLC. Case in point: Sylvester Stallone will soon stand trial for participating in an alleged theft of a pudding recipe for bodybuilders.
    - Succeeding events saw the company facing lawsuits arising from the theft. The product and the company faded into the background as the lawsuit creates bad publicity for a company with a person supposed to be of unblemished character and integrity.

    Gardner, Eriq (March 2, 2011). Sylvester Stallone Dragged Into Pudding Theft Intrigue. Retrieved May 19, 202 from http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/blogs/thr-esq/sylvester-stallone-dragged-pudding-theft-163327.

    2. Harley Davidson Cake Decorating Kit

    - Harley Davidson is known as a successful motor company in the US and the world. It ...

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    The solution discusses three examples of brand extension disasters namely, Sylvester Stallone's Company Instone: High Protein Pudding, Harley Davidson Cake Decorating Kit, and Heinz: All Natural Cleaning Vinegar.