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Culturally different perceptions and communication

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One person comes from a culture that believes "We're all human, aren't we?" Another person comes from a culture that says "Status is everything." What problems might occur as these two individuals try to communicate with each other? How might the development of interpersonal relationships be affected? How could work and school environments be influenced by these two views of social relations?

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The main problem these two will have is on their ideological perspectives. One will discuss things from the perspective of how a decision makes people feel about themselves or others. The other will discuss what gains can be gotten from a decision. Neither of these is bad or incorrect, but it does serve to hightlight the experiences brought to decision making. Talking about a decision will take time, because the "human" person will want to ...

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A discussion of how people with completely different cultural beliefs might have communication problems and how it might affect their relationships and the work environment.

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