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cultural perceptions and health education efforts

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To what extent do cultural perceptions undermine health education efforts? To what extent do cultural perceptions enhance health communication efforts?

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While it is not immediately applicable, this writer is reminded of the Frito Bandito of years past. Frito Lay used a Mexican mascot, Frito Bandito, to market its chip and while there was a catchy tune, the Hispanic culture was not impressed with the campaign. Eventually, noticing the distaste for the effort, the company removed the guy from their ads. If that had been a health education product or program, singling out one culture to showcase in a program might be a mistake, especially if it was not prepared in a culturally-sensitive way.

Further, using Navajo or native culture, one could make broad sweeping generalizations and fail to ...

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Examples of prior cultural mishaps in marketing with health education methodology are discussed.

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