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influences on a girl's body image/appearance

In today's society there is a great deal of influence on appearance and body image for women and teenage girls.

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Need to reply in essay form from the view point of a 17 year old female. How do you view these demands from our society and how would you help yourself or other young women deal with the problems that can arise from these issues?

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In terms of influences on a girl's body image/appearance, it is everywhere. Think about these elements:

Television ads
Magazine ads
Music videos
Television shows
...Just to name a few!

So, when you sit down to write this paper, you want to think about all of these elements and how they do affect how a girl looks at herself. She may ask/think: Am I too fat? Do I have the right clothes? I wish I was skinny. I wish we were rich so I had the right clothes. I need to wear more makeup. I need to have a boyfriend. I need to be cuter....the list could go on and on.

You may want to write something like this...

Many times young girls size themselves up to images around them from the media that are not attainable. Most magazine ads/covers with models have been air-brushed and are not even their real bodies. Their ...

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Various influences on a girl's body image/appearance are noted.