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Help with an invitational speech on the Greenhouse Effect is included in terms of notes and resources.

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As you write your speech, please allow some of my ideas to help. Have a lovely day!

First, you will need an Attention Getter. Here is my sample: How many of you have seen or heard of Al Gore's documentary, "The Inconvenient Truth?" Like the exceptional message in this movie, "Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb" (http://www.climatecrisis.net/aboutthefilm/), I am here to give you the "inconvenient truth" about the Greenhouse Effect and what you can do to combat this powerful enemy.

It is important to then articulate your speech topic/purpose: This speech explains what the greenhouse effect is, why it presents danger to us, and what you can personally do to prevent or reduce its impact.

Ethos: As you establish your speech credibility, you might cite:"I am qualified to speech on this topic today because I have researched Al Gore's findings as well as numerous articles from scientists, the EPA, and other highly acclaimed sources."

Preview main points: You might structure your speech and state that you will first explain what the greenhouse effect is, why is presents danger to us, and strategies for all of us to personally take to defeat this environmental enemy.

Transition: First, it is vital to define and explain what the greenhouse effect truly is.

Main Point 1: Research from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) simply defines it as "the ...

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