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channel noise

What kinds of problems does channel noise create? How do you usually deal with problems created by channel noise? What are the best ways to deal with problems created by channel noise?

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Problems created by channel noise are:

In a digital communication system, information can be sent over a carrier through changes in its fundamental characteristics. These characteristics, phase, frequency, and amplitude, are modified by the transmitter and must be detected by the receiver. Thus, it is absolutely essential for a receiver to recover the frequency, phase, and symbol timing of the carrier. This process is called carrier recovery and can be implemented through various techniques. Channel noise is one of the largest impairments to carrier recovery and that significant noise can prevent carrier locking from occurring successfully.


Internal noise generated by integrated circuits can be audible and objectionable to the hearing aid, headset or mobile phone user, and may lead to user dissatisfaction.


Channel Noise creates interference during transmission, such as Static on Radio.


Ways to deal with problems created by channel noise:

According to Shannon, we can overcome channel noise by using redundancy. In fact that is how portable CD players work. They go back over the ...

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