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    The Puritan heritage of Hawthorne's fiction

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    I need help in order to write an argumentative literary research paper using about the Puritan heritage of Hawthorne's fiction.

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    As you write your own paper, I offer sources and notes to guide you. First, I chose the vast topic of the Puritan heritage of Hawthorne's fiction to get you started. Once you formulate your own draft and paper, please send as a new posting for us to edit and offer feedback:

    First of all , you might suggest that most literary scholar agree that Hawthorne's fiction often deals with America's Puritan heritage. His themes use this context and explore the themes of sin, guilt, and redemption. Research shows that "Young Goodman Brown," which was first published in New England Magazine (1835) and later collected in Mosses from an Old Manse (1846), provides a good example of these characteristic emphases" (http://www.mhhe.com/socscience/english/hudson/fiction/works/YGB/Hawthornebio.htm).

    When looking precisely at how his fiction conveys this Puritan heritage, he commonly uses setting and themes as his primary vehicles. Research reveals that "As in such works as "Young Goodman Brown" (1835) and The Scarlet Letter (1850), Hawthorne employed the settings and themes that are characteristic of his fiction: a Puritan New England setting, a fascination with the secret sins of humanity, the transformation of an object into a symbol, a dark, somber tone, and a reliance on ambiguity" (http://www.enotes.com/nineteenth-century-criticism/minister-s-black-veil).

    By looking at the Puritan fascination with themes of secret sins within humankind, Hawthorne advances his ideologies. Research reiterates that his "world view is ...

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    The Puritan heritage themes within samples of Hawthorne's fiction are noted.