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Different Types of Expository Essays


What characteristics make these essays expository?

Identify the type of organization each author used to develop the essay (topic, time, order, space order or informative process)

Why do you think each author chose that type of organization for his or her essay? and what ways does this organization choice make this essay effective? What effect could the author have achieved with another type of organization or another type of expository essay?

In what ways are these expository essays alike and different?

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Both of these essays are expository because they are presenting information in the form of facts.

The essay "Setting the Table" is organized spatially. The author lists the items that need to be placed on the table in the order in which they should be placed, starting with the tablecloth and ending with the order in which the plates are to be removed. Each step can also be considered descriptive. For example: "The tablecloth and serviettes should always be snow white, or perhaps pastel coloured, to provide a simple background on which to the present the delicious food." The author probably ...

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Discusses organizational patterns of expository essays.