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Developing a Plan for Using Portfolios in Class

A. Develop a written plan for how you might develop the use of portfolios in your classroom. What kind of portfolio would you use? What would it look like? What would it contain? How would students be involved? B. Describe your current conference format. Develop a plan for involving students in the conference to share their l

Portfolios in Schools

Please help me with the following questions: A. Explain why portfolios have become so popular in schools since the beginning of the 1990s. B. Compare and contrast report grades and portfolios as a means of communication of student achievement.

Incorporating Research-Based Practices into Everyday Teaching

CLASS NOTES By incorporating research-based practices, students benefit from taking notes in both linguistic and visual forms. Students learn better from understanding new concepts and provide rational organizing outlines. Student attitudes and beliefs have a significant effect on success in school. Achievement can increase wh

The four aspects of language arts and the development of objectives

How do the four aspects of language arts inform the development of objectives? Write a language objective, including all four aspects of language arts, for the following content objectives: Solve word problems using grade-level appropriate operations and numbers (3rd grade math). Analyze the risk factors associated with natur

The Importance of Development Appropriate Methodologies

Considering the importance of developmentally appropriate methodologies in respect to learning and to the continued support of preschool and early education programs, what do you think of giving iPads to kindergarten classes or having prom in preschool? Support the argument with evidence to prove the developmental appropriatenes

The Cycle of Literacy Coaching Model

Please provide a reflection on the cycle of literacy coaching model including a pre-conference, an instructional event, and a post-conference. It must show how to collect data and must include an introduction, a description, and a reflection of the process and a conclusion.

Designing Aims for a Unit of Study

A. Decide on a content area or unit of study. B. Identify the standards or learning targets that you will be assessing within that content area in language that can be understood by both students and parents. What are students to know and be able to do?(Consider curriculum standards, subject or discipline, expectations) Inclu

Critical Reflection: An Introduction to Student-Involved Assessment for Learning

This critical reflection should highlight your thoughts on Stiggins text Part 1. Share your reactions to key components you identify in the readings. How do they connect to your current assessment practices and ideas you might want to implement? Stiggins, R. (2008). An introduction to student-involved assessment for learning.

Summaries of Sources

Can you help summarize these sources in your own words? -The Precautionary Principle Applied to Deliberate Release of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). By: Myhr, Anne Ingeborg; Traavik, Terje. Microbial Ecology in Health & Disease. Jun99, Vol. 11 Issue 2, p65-74 -Genetically Modified Foods and the Pitfalls of the Scie

Evaluation of Course Description

Reflect on the course description for this course: This course explores strategies and techniques to support the success of language and culturally diverse students. The values, customs, and communication styles of cultural groups and their implication for teaching are considered. Research-based instructional approaches to

How are emotions critical to the bio-cognitive cycle?

Emotions are critical to the bio-cognitive cycle and drive our attention, meaning, learning, and memory. How do emotions influence learning, memory, attention, and meaning? What is the specific role of emotions in learning and memory? What part(s) of the brain are impacted by emotions?

Feedback to Students

Providing specific and immediate feedback to students is important. What are some ways students can receive feedback immediately? Describe ways students can provide feedback to each other

Relationships between learning, schooling, and education

Three authors all deal with issues concerning the relationships between learning, schooling, and education generally. What is your interpretation of these authors' meanings, any similarities which you may see among them, and the personal meanings which any or all of them may have for you? "Education is an admirable thing,

Struggling Students in a Classroom Setting

I am doing an analysis of research data and trends to inform effective change management processes and improve learning outcomes for a specific instructional problem. Can you provide me with a critical review of five current (within the last five years) research articles that are related to the "Struggling Students in a Classro

Preproduction and early production strategies for academic language success

Describe the preproduction and early production strategies that teachers can use to ensure academic language is accessible? How might a teacher extend Structured English Immersion (SEI) methods, such as Total Physical Response (TPR), storytelling, contextual clues, and narrative approaches, for beginning English Language Develop

State Language Arts Standards and ELL Proficiency Standards

Examine the format and the alignment of ELL proficiency standards to the Arizona language arts (listening and speaking, reading, and writing) academic standards. What is the difference between state language arts standards and ELL proficiency standards? Why are both necessary in lesson preparation?

Strategies for Improving Test Item Reliability

Name two strategies for improving test item reliability in a norm referenced test. Also make recommendations for ensuring reliability and validity for the following test types: - Essay questions - True or false questions - Matching questions - Definition and open ended questions

Malcolm Knowles' Theories.

The viewpoints on Malcolm Knowles' theories of learning and teaching, Andragogy in practice, the premise of individuals, new perspectives on Andragogy, individual differences in adult learners, and the future of Andragogy. 200 words.

Theories of Language Acquisition

Please summarize these theories. Which language acquisition theory do you favor and why? BEHAVIORIST THEORY. You are probably familiar with behaviorism as a major learning theory emphasizing stimulus, response, and reinforcement as the basic elements of learning. For language acquisition, behaviorists hypothesized that childr

Inquiry Into Learning

Copland and Knapp (2006) noted that a professional learning community values research and sets up cycles to facilitate "schoolwide inquiry into learning and teaching performance and participating in professional inquiry as a colleague." As an educator-researcher, do you agree with the authors that "inquiry into learning" is an e

English Language Learners - Landmark Case

Please help with the following problem. Identify a landmark case for the education of English language learners and describe the implications it has for classrooms today.