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Disabilities and Motor Development

How do disabilities affect motor development? How can they be addressed? Simulate a delay or disability and then reflect on the experience. Include a description of the simulated delay or disability and what happened.

Common Practices to Avoid When writing literature reviews

What are Common Practices to avoid when writing literature reviews because they are forms of plagiarism? What should be done instead: According to Gall, Borg, and Gall (1996), the most frequent mistakes in reviewing literature are: - The literature review does not relate to their study. - Does not take time to define

Educational Neuroscience: Article Analysis "Big Plans for Little Brains"

Locate an article that investigates findings from cognitive and neuroscientific research. Provide a brief summary of the article and explain how the findings could be translated into what educators do in schools and classrooms. Do the findings support differentiated teaching and learning? Why or why not? Article: "Big plans f

Standards in American Education

How has the influence of content and state standards improved what content is being taught in the classroom? What are some possible negative effects this mandate has had on American education? Explain.

Evaluative Multiculturalism in the Classroom

Teachers can be genuine in their efforts to deliver a culturally-relevant and anti-bias curriculum, but still fail to produce a classroom where children are fully inclusive of others and prejudice-free. What criteria will be most important to you evaluate your literature selections and activities in the classroom form multicult

Emotional and psychological issues

Working with 14-year-old Stefan, a recent immigrant from Russian. Although Stefan seems to enjoy school, he is painfully shy and seems embarrassed about his inability to communicate at times. What are some strategies that could be used to ease his emotional and psychological issues?

The Resilient Child

Why is it important for early childhood educators to have an understanding of resiliency? How could knowledge of a child's risk and protective factors change your attitude and your behavior toward a child or her family? Try to figure out the best way to answer these questions and have any suggestions?

Identify the characteristics that differentiate a debate from a discussion.

Please provide a substantiated response with a literature reference list to the following: What is the process used to make the distinction between what constitutes a debate and a discussion? How could organizational cultural influence what is seen as a debate and a discussion? What personal values are influential in differe

multicultural children's books

Multicultural Literature. There are many different kinds of multicultural children's books. Provide a brief summary of the story. Describe how the book fosters one of the curriculum goals listed below. Be specific and give examples related to the text to support your thinking. Curriculum Culture: To foster each chi

Integrating student culture in social studies.

Could you please give me some ideas on how to incorporate a student's cultures into social studies? How might you incorporate your students' own cultures into your social studies lessons?

Reassuring a Frustrated ELL Student

Imagine that you have planned a reading activity for your students. They are to read a short picture book and sequence the story into a story map. One of your ELL students is not understanding the activity; he is getting frustrated and is ready to give up. What are some ways you can help him gain confidence and succeed at the ac

Anti-Bias Education

Often school attempts to connect with families fail. One reason is that schools assume the role of educators and expect families to go out of their way to learn how they can help modify family patterns to best suit the school environment. However, a more effective way to connect to families is for teachers to go out into the com

Trends Analysis in Social Studies

What do you feel are the current trends in social studies (thematic units, collaborative learning, hands-on, etc)? How long might the trends last? What types of instructional materials are available to support these trends?

Integrating Theory and Research Utilization

In an environment focused on education of adults entering health care careers, what are advantages and disadvantages to integrating theory and research utilization into all courses, as contrasted with providing a stand-alone course focused on these topics?

Factors in curriculum development are exemplified.

Among the seven factors identified as critical to curriculum development (Population needs, Regulatory requirements, Outcomes, Course content, Evaluation strategies, Supporting references, or Learning strategies/theories), which do you consider to be the most and least important? What is the basis for your response?

Emergent Literacy Class

In an emergent Literacy classroom environment, what would be the best instructional techniques and approaches to foster reading and writing skills?

Making Mistakes and Avoiding Mistakes

Strategies for Decision Making: Making Mistakes and Avoiding Mistakes Please help discuss why intelligent, smart people make mistakes. You may use other sources and answer the following questions: Why do intelligent people make mistakes? List as many factors as you can that contribute to people's errors.

Create 2-3 page test that measures intelligence.

Use reading material, lecture, and other sources to create a test that measures some of the following thinking skills: Verbal scales: Information: Similar to "Trivial Pursuit," this subtest measures fund of factual information. It is strongly influenced by culture. An American education and intact long-term memory will

Portfolio Assessment is briefly analyzed.

Discuss how portfolio assessments might be used in corporate training, higher education, and Kâ?"12. Discuss how portfolios would be used during student presence in a program that lasts several years. In other words, discuss the use of portfolios beyond one course or one year. Use examples to clarify your discussion.

Immersive Learning is briefly exemplified.

Define immersive learning environments and discuss how it could be integrated into your organizationâ??s learning strategy. Also, discuss how a Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE) could be used to accomplish specific learning outcomes in your organization.


How important do you feel statistics are to any professional environment? Do you think decision makers can get by without them?

The ethical decision

While at work in the day care, accidentally hear your supervisor discussing a student and how the student is HIV positive. Walking briskly away without mentioning the incident to anyone. This student is in the same class as the children of a few friends of yours, and knowing that there are times that there may be scrapes, bruise

Examine future paraprofessional roles.

What do you think is important for a future paraprofessional to know or to do? What personality trait do you think is critical to develop? What do you think will be the most challenging part of being a paraprofessional? What are you most looking forward to?

IEP synopsis is made.

What are the parts of the IEP? What issues are covered in the plan? Who is responsible for carrying out the goals discussed in the plan? What are some of the strategies/assistive technology utilized in the plan to enhance the student's success? Why do you think so much detail is put into the IEP?

Individual Education Plan: Crucial Components

What is the most critical part of an IEP? Why? Ethical Obligation Would the child, teacher, or parent be responsible for carrying out the goals discussed in the IEP plan? Would the child, teacher, or parent be responsible if part of the obligations in the plan are not being addressed in the classroom? Is there an ethi

To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed

Go to Click on National Breastfeeding Campaign to read about the campaign. Choose Coping with Breastfeeding Challenges. Also read about Infant Formula and Q&A about breastfeeding. Whether you are male or female breastfeeding is decision that should be well thought out and discusses with

Universal Design for Learning is examined.

Sharing two programs or ideas that would implement as an educator. Do these meet UDL criteria/expectations? Student group(s) could benefit from each program or idea? Reactions that to learning about UDL and CAST?