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    Digital Divide in Math

    Briefly discuss the digital divide and how it applies to mathematics. Discuss techniques you would use to reduce the divide within your classroom.

    Common Beliefs Influence Teachers' Work with Diverse Students

    Briefly explore commonly held beliefs that influence teachers' work with diverse students. Select one of the commonly held beliefs that you identify with the most. Explain why you identify with this belief. Has your belief changed? Why or why not?

    Concept Paper University Material

    How might any university material: Dissertation Criteria & Rating Scale help in writing a concept paper? What aspects, if any, of the rating criteria, may be the most difficult for a student to address? Why?

    Provide a professional development plan for an institution

    You have been asked by the Chief Academic Officer of your institution to develop a 5 year professional development plan. Provide the goals for internally and externally for the transition and succession of a new leadership cadre. As the chief decision maker you have a variety of short and long term decisions to make including

    level of cognitive demand

    Discuss what level of cognitive demand and context is represented by a student who performs each of the following activities: Reads for comprehension Acts out a historical event Points to items in the classroom Writes short paragraphs Watches a movie with academic content Participates in a baseball game Listens to

    Teaching and Discussing Folk Theories

    Consider your own ideas about teaching and discuss which "folk theories" or implicit theories your ideas are based on. Also, consider the English language learner (ELL) student and reflect on how your approach to instruction will impact the ELL student.

    Progress Report

    Teachers are often asked by parents to provide more feedback with respect to their child's progress. Using Microsoft Word or Excel, design a report format which you could use to report a student's weekly process in math class. Discuss the items you included and why. Attach your document to your discussion post. If your version o

    "Importance of Play" article

    Review the article "Importance of Play" (http://www.goplayproject.org/2010/06/importance-of-play/) and watch the videos, "Stuart Brown: Why Play Is Vital - No Matter Your Age" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHwXlcHcTHc) and "TedxRochester - Scott Eberle - 11/02/09" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jApW2tilJOI). Based on your rea

    Intellectual Disabilities and Skills in Teaching

    Consider the limitation in intellectually functioning and adaptive behavior often presented by students with intellectual disabilities. What skills should teachers primarily focus on when working with these particular groups? What environments or educational settings would optimize student learning? Cite at least two sources.

    Math Teacher Feedback

    Consider feedback you have provided as a math teacher, or received as a math student. Given what you know about the attributes of good feedback, reflect on the quality and effectiveness of this feedback. How could this feedback be improved?

    Class Environment

    Reflect for a moment on your own classroom environment or on a favorite classroom environment from your own schooling. Are there (or were there) clear rules that emphasize what students should do rather than what they should not do? How will (or did) it change student performance? Are (or were) students called on equitably? How

    Segregation in schools

    What different forms can segregation take in US schools? When can these methods affirm diversity and when are they detrimental to learning? Consider economic segregation, culturally-based schools (i.e. African American, Latino, or Native American), gender-specific, or charter schools. Provide examples from your own experience an

    Ethical Tenets of Research Study

    What are ethical concerns that are important at the implementation and reporting stages of a study? Use at least one reference APA format.

    The Role Safety Plays in the Physical Education Environment

    Explain the role safety plays in the physical education environment. List and briefly discuss five things you as the teacher can do that: 1. provides appropriate standard of care, and 2. creates a safe environment in which risk and the opportunity for injury are minimized.

    Information-processing abilities

    Explain the four information-processing abilities that affect learning and memory. How does each area impact learning? Do any of the areas relate to each other, in other words, does one area of deficit cause a greater occurrence for other areas to become present?

    Integrating Math and Science

    There is a strong correlation between math and science skills. Share ideas for how your chosen math strand could be integrated effectively into a specific science unit of study. Provide at least two examples of lesson ideas that would accomplish this.

    Educational Neuroscience: Article location

    Educational neuroscience is an exciting new discipline that brings together research from psychology, neuroscience, and pedagogy to help educators make the best curriculum, instructional, and assessment choices for effective learning. Locate an article on proquest that investigates findings from cognitive and neuroscientific res

    Mathematical Software

    Teachers are often asked to evaluate learning software and instructional websites. Can you list and describe five to eight metrics you would use to evaluate mathematical software and websites?

    Art standards

    Locate a set of standards that relate to the arts or aesthetic learning. Read them through and select one or two that apply to a particular early childhood age group. Discuss how you could use these standards to plan an art activity for young children. You may use The National Standards for Arts Education website or choose any o

    Diary of a Diverse Student

    considers the demographic of your local school and identifies one student from a background that would be most different from your own. Imagine the first day of school from this student's perspective as you are introduced to the class as his or her new teacher. This is a creative writing piece where you are expected to step outs

    The Socio-Historical Context of Multi-Cultural Education

    Describe the socio-historical and contemporary contexts for multicultural and bilingual education in your school district. How have decisions such as Brown vs. The Board of Education, the 2007 ruling by the Supreme Court against voluntary de-segregation or the policies of No Child Left Behind /Race to the Top impacted the way mu

    Math Experiences

    Our math teachers have a profound impact on how we view mathematics and our own math skills. Reflect on a teacher who had a strong effect on your perceptions of math (either positive or negative). What characteristics did he or she have that contributed to your perceptions of math and your own competence as a math student? What

    Mathematical Instruction Assessments

    This posting compares traditional quizzes/tests to the process of assessment through written work and classroom discussion. Is it possible that both are relevant to mathematical instruction? What are potential drawbacks to having students write about their mathematical reasoning? Support your perspective with specific examples.

    The Role of Arithmetic in Everyday Life

    Identify several real-life situations outside of school responsibilities in which you have used arithmetic. How did you identify what needed to be done? Explain the strategy or strategies you used to solve the problems. What did you do first? Were you able to estimate or did you have to be accurate? Was there only one right

    Individualized Education Program

    Provide a brief description of my chosen topic. How does this component support individual student progress? Topic I choose "Individualized Education Program."

    Post Secondary Education on College Market

    Summarize the impact of market competition within post secondary education on colleges and how competition has impacted student services and course offerings. Predict future changes in post secondary education that will be driven by competition and explain why you feel these changes will occur. What can colleges do to prepare fo

    Elements necessary to achieve a dream classroom

    Reflect for a moment on what you would consider to be the perfect classroom. What would it take to achieve that dream classroom? Is it achievable? What, if any obstacles are in your way? Is there anything you have learned in this course that will help you achieve your dream?

    Personal and Professional Growth in Education

    What assumptions about differentiated instruction have been confirmed? Have others been challenged? Which? What steps will you take to modify your teaching strategies now or in the future? What specific goals will you set for becoming a more academically responsive teacher? What do you believe is the best piece of advice you can