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    Implementing Change

    Describe a situation in your past experience where you implemented change or could have implemented change. How could you use this chart to increase the effects of this change? Was this change process a success? Based on your readings, how could you have increased the likelihood of success in this situation? Describe a situation

    Service Learning

    Research indicates that high quality academic, civic and social outcomes occur when service learning is incorporated into a school's curricula. Why do you think this occurs? Have you ever been involved in service learning at your school? Relate what kind of service learning projects you think would build a bridge to the communit

    Differentiating Mathematics Instruction

    Read "Differentiating Mathematics Instruction" (http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/literacynumeracy/inspire/research/different_math.pdf). 1. What is differentiation according to this author? 2. Why is this important in math instruction? 3. How does a teacher create and utilize a curriculum which allows for differentiated student

    Strategies for Teaching Math

    Why is it important to allow students to solve problems in a way they are comfortable with? How will you encourage your students to solve problems in ways that make sense to them?

    Developing Relationships

    Reflect on the following ways you would like to encourage parent involvement: Positive news phone calls, post cards, emails, daily student notes, and parent-teacher conferences.

    Parent Support

    Some parents may not know how to support their children in school. These parents as children may have had an unsuccessful school experience where they felt frustrated and even ashamed of their personal educational outcomes. Understanding that these parents may not have the knowledge on how to navigate the educational system to t

    Students of Diverse Backgrounds

    The Moore-Thomas, Day-Vines article explores cultural competence as it relates to effective collaboration and interactions as well as an understanding of the political structures and socio-cultural realities of African American students, families, and their communities. Describe the specific models, strategies, and recommendatio

    Personal Reflection

    Critically reflect on your work thus far. What have you learned about the uses of differentiated instruction in both the classroom and in professional development? How will you use what you have learned to benefit your organization or an organization that you will work for in the future?

    Graphic Organizers

    Chapter II-6 of your text discussed several graphic organizers for student success. Which of these have you used with students? Which of those that you have not used would you try in a classroom? How can you differentiate instruction with graphic organizers? Discuss a concept that is important to you. Which graphic organizer wou

    Effective Communication: Online Classroom Format

    Part of effective communication involves knowing how to respond rather than react to something someone has said or written. In the online classroom format, why is it important to read a classmate's post and assess that person's intended message before you offer a response? How can this skill of responding help you in your career

    How Cultural Values Impact Student Achievement

    Discuss several examples of how differing cultural values impact student achievement and educational attainment. What is the impact of social media, including the Internet, on learning? How could you, as a teacher, mitigate any influences which might be perceived as negative? Explain suggestions you could make to parents and stu

    Leadership Roles

    Who should take the leadership role in organizing outreach programs to the parents, the family, and the community? What specific strategies would you employ?


    Discern what Hjalmarson (2011) means when she states, "Rather than expecting parents to adapt to us, we need to create a parent involvement system that meets parents' diverse needs" (p. 45). Do you recall, as a K-12 student, certain educators who provided leadership in partnership activities? Please give specific examples abo

    Differentiated Instruction - Assessment Strategies

    Analyze the assessment strategies presented in your reading as well as within your research on differentiated instruction. Identify two assessment strategies that may be used to differentiate instruction in a low-performing school. How do these assessment strategies benefit a high-performing student in a low-performing class? Wo

    Media Influences on Adolescent Development: Health and Fitness.

    What influences do you think? There are two sides of this question : the negative influences and the positives. Some negative influences include the media portraying a certain body type that is unrealistic for most people to achieve. This could lead to serious consequences such as dangerous dieting, eating disorders, or the

    Discuss: Becoming a Scholar

    Question: In which way does one become a scholar during his/her graduate studies? What will one need to do to ensure truly becoming a scholar?

    graduate educational experience

    How is a graduate educational experience different from an undergraduate experience? How would you define a graduate culture? What are key components of a graduate culture and why? what might you exclude or include and why?

    Encouraging Team Building Throughout the Year

    Identify three ways that you feel that you can encourage team building throughout the year. Assume that you are an administrator or a teacher leader at a school. What additional managerial tasks could you use in order to maintain the effectiveness of this team building? How would these tasks encourage growth and collaboration

    Four Corners

    What is the purpose of the Four Corners strategy? How could it be used in a classroom? How could it be used in a professional development setting? Conceptualize and summarize how the Four Corners strategy may be used to develop a concept of interest to you, keeping in mind an intended audience (i.e. students or colleagues). In

    Job-Embedded Learning Strategies

    How does your school or workplace use job-embedded learning? Discuss two strategies that you would offer to your administrator or supervisor to increase engagement in job-embedded learning. How will these strategies increase the effectiveness of job-embedded learning at your school or workplace? Discuss your rationale for cho

    Counseling Roles

    List and explain the factors that play an important role if and how counselors become involved in school, school-community, and overall partnerships. Research indicates certain misperceptions counselors have about their role- why may this be?

    Learner-Centered Organization

    Children 3-5 (Learner Centered Organization) Why do you think this is the excellent organizational method for you to use in your class? It been said that curriculum reflects your beliefs and values. Learner centered is based on the development stage, needs, and interest of children. Explain briefly why you think this is the

    Professional Learning Community

    Implement Professional Learning Community in your organization or discuss how will you implement them in a future position that you will hold within an organization? Why would these benefit your organization or a future organization? What do you feel will be the outcome of this collaboration?

    Research Application K-12

    Application of Research How will you apply your research in education? Who will benefit from your research? What future research will you conduct on this subject? How do you think that your research will impact education within the next decade?