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Education - Community Outreach

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Who should take the leadership role in organizing outreach programs to the parents, the family, and the community? What specific strategies would you employ?

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The person most responsible for reaching out to parents to develop collaborative relationships between schools and the community is the principal of the ...

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Discussing the leadership role in developing outreach program in the community.

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Pick a company, a fortune 500 company for example (not IBM, I have used that ) Based on your research of their Web site, other resources (e.g., an Internet search of the topic), discuss what community outreach programs the new company has and what they hope to accomplish through their programs. Does the company target any particular interest group? Why? Are the programs located in specific communities? Are all of its programs built around a particular theme? Why? Are employees encouraged to get involved, and, if so, what incentives are offered? What do you think are the motives behind the company's outreach efforts? Are such programs effective?

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