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    Community Outreach Program of Johnson & Johnson

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    Pick a company, a fortune 500 company for example (not IBM, I have used that ) Based on your research of their Web site, other resources (e.g., an Internet search of the topic), discuss what community outreach programs the new company has and what they hope to accomplish through their programs. Does the company target any particular interest group? Why? Are the programs located in specific communities? Are all of its programs built around a particular theme? Why? Are employees encouraged to get involved, and, if so, what incentives are offered? What do you think are the motives behind the company's outreach efforts? Are such programs effective?

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    //Community initiative has become an integral part of every Corporate Policy. This paper discusses the 'Community Outreach Program' carried out by Johnson & Johnson. But before covering the topic; it is better to introduce the Company first, to the reader.//
    Johnson & Johnson is a global company founded in 1886. Johnson & Johnson is an America based pharmaceuticals company and a big manufacturer of consumer packaged goods. Johnson & Johnson Company's headquarters is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey & USA. In the list of Fortune 500, Johnson & Johnson Company is listed. Company is operating in over 57 countries through its 230 subsidiaries companies. The products of the Johnson & Johnson are sold over 175 countries. This Corporation is famous for its corporate responsibility. In the Harris interactive's National Corporate Reputation Survey, this company is consistently ranked at the top.
    Medication and first-aid are included in the brands of Johnson & Johnson. Bandages and Tylenol medications, Neutrogena skin and beauty products are renowned products of the company .Johnson's baby products are very famous. Clean & Clear facial wash and Acuvue contact lenses are also the products of the company. In its product range, toiletries are also included.

    //Next the vision, goals, and strategy adopted under Johnson & Johnson's community initiative has to be mentioned for outlining the main objective of running such initiatives.//

    Community Outreach Program
    To fulfill its social responsibility, Johnson & Johnson Company is running a number of programs, for instance health care, educational and cultural programs. For the improvement of the community, Johnson & Johnson is actively involved in several programs. To bring awareness about health and safety among people, Johnson & Johnson has sponsored many programs. Company is committed to corporate social responsibility. It is an integral part of its business.
    Vision of the Community Outreach Program
    Johnson & Johnson's vision for community outreach program is to cultivate a varied and comprehensive global community which is reflected in the company's signature contribution programs.
    Objective of the Community Outreach Program
    The main objective of the community outreach program of the Johnson & Johnson is to improve the community and regulatory relationship. ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1417 words with references.