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Brain Based Learning for Preschool Age Students

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Can you give me some ideas about how you would integrate Brain Based Learning into a classroom of 3 to 5 years olds?

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Ideas for Brain Based Learning used in preschool are examined.

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Brain Based Learning for Pre-School

Brain-based Learning is based on the idea that the human brain has untapped potential. Advocates for this style of learning contend that teachers must modify their lesson to accommodate active learning methods. These are activities that motivate the child to attain higher levels of cognition and interest.

Music is a big part of brain-based learning. Adapting music to basic lessons help the child remember the concept in a different way and sometimes be able to in bed the concept into long term memory. Make rhymes with the numbers and in reading instruction make a song that goes with the word.
Group work is another strategy that will allow children to communicate with each other and to ask questions of one another. If two students are talking and one student has information ...

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