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State Language Arts Standards and ELL Proficiency Standards

Examine the format and the alignment of ELL proficiency standards to the Arizona language arts (listening and speaking, reading, and writing) academic standards. What is the difference between state language arts standards and ELL proficiency standards? Why are both necessary in lesson preparation?

Strategies for Improving Test Item Reliability

Name two strategies for improving test item reliability in a norm referenced test. Also make recommendations for ensuring reliability and validity for the following test types: - Essay questions - True or false questions - Matching questions - Definition and open ended questions

Malcolm Knowles' Theories.

The viewpoints on Malcolm Knowles' theories of learning and teaching, Andragogy in practice, the premise of individuals, new perspectives on Andragogy, individual differences in adult learners, and the future of Andragogy. 200 words.

Theories of Language Acquisition

Please summarize these theories. Which language acquisition theory do you favor and why? BEHAVIORIST THEORY. You are probably familiar with behaviorism as a major learning theory emphasizing stimulus, response, and reinforcement as the basic elements of learning. For language acquisition, behaviorists hypothesized that childr

Inquiry Into Learning

Copland and Knapp (2006) noted that a professional learning community values research and sets up cycles to facilitate "schoolwide inquiry into learning and teaching performance and participating in professional inquiry as a colleague." As an educator-researcher, do you agree with the authors that "inquiry into learning" is an e

English Language Learners - Landmark Case

Please help with the following problem. Identify a landmark case for the education of English language learners and describe the implications it has for classrooms today.

Legislation and Language Policies

Describe significant legislation that has shaped federal and state policies for language in the United States in the last 30 years. What are the effects of these policies, particularly in the education system? Include a discussion about the English-only legislation that is occurring throughout the United States.

How to Outline a Research Proposal

Creating an outline will begin the basis for developing a research proposal. The outline will help you establish your thoughts and guide you to make changes where necessary. By creating this outline, you have a visual that presents a series of questions for the researcher to look at and develop the next series of questions and

Creating a Successful Curriculum

Please help answer the following questions. - What knowledge and skills are needed to create a successful, more connected delivery of curriculum? - How does your ability to develop curriculum help you extend and build on 'teachable moments'? - How does your ability to develop curriculum enable you to meet professional and

Three Challenges to Validity Portfolios

Portfolio Assessment Assignment 1 Explain the three challenges to validity when using portfolios as assessments, and evaluate the benefits they offer to the learning experience. Assignment 2 The authors state that "there is a temptation to limit the scoring criteria to those qualities of performance that are easiest

Analysis of Leadership Styles

Please describe the three leadership styles (authoritative, participative, and delegative). Kurt Lewin established that there are three types of leadership: authoritative, participative and delegative. A good leader will incorporate a little from all three styles, with a general predominant style; a bad leader will only us

Personality Style of Leaders

Reflect and describe an instance in which you should have or did model appropriate behaviors as a leader. Explain what you learned from this experience within your analysis and recommend methods for self improvement.

Personal Philosophy of Leadership for Excellence

Studying organizational leadership presents the opportunity to explore, examine, elucidate, and evaluate your current understanding of leading for excellence. Analyze your current beliefs, assumptions, and understandings of how leaders "...transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, separa

Online Learning Experience

"With the proliferation of information and the convenience of access to this vast ocean of information, it is the primary responsibility of the teacher to chart a way through this chaos, to provide order and create the conditions to encourage a deep approach to learning." (Garrison & Anderson, 2005, p. 17) Consider the above

Response-to-Intervention Approach

What is the purpose of the response-to-intervention (RTI) approach? What are the benefits of this approach? What are the challenges? Can you think of any way to overcome these challenges? Why it is important to intervene early in a student's learning experience?

Test Development Process

What are the steps in test development process? Which step in your opinion is the most important? Why? Note: I am not researching test construction, which as you know, is a step in test development. Please include your references.

No Child Let Behind (NCLB)

The effects of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act on high-stakes testing (HST) has generated controversy amongst educators. In this discussion you will briefly debate the efficacy of NCLB. Conduct research on NCLB using the web, and develop a cohesive and research-based argument against NCLB based on the position you've be

Education and Assessment in America

Watch the video "Linda Darling-Hammond on Competing Internationally." Then, explain the current crisis in America with regards to education and assessment. What do you think the cause(s) of this crisis might be? What are the possible implications? Explain your reasoning.

Professional Development Plan in an Educational Organization

What are some short-term and long-term decisions and goals when it comes to implementing a professional development plan in an educational organization? You are the chief decision maker in deciding what goals and decisions will be in short and long term using a SWOT analysis.

Judgment and Non-judgment Disabilities

What are some of the differences in evaluation between judgment and non-judgment disabilities? Why does this difference exist, and what could you do to make sure that the difference is minimized?

Team Effectiveness

Identify three actions that could should be taken within a team, and evaluate the effectiveness of these actions using appropriate research. What is your understanding of the scholar-practitioner-leader model?