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Diary Entry of a Diverse Student

Consider the demographic of your local school and identify one student from a background that would be most different from your own. Imagine the first day of school from this student's perspective as you are introduced to the class as his or her new teacher. This is a creative writing piece where you are expected to step outside

Critical Thinking and the Cognitive Learning Domain

What is Critical Thinking? What is the Cognitive Leaning Domain and how does it relate to Critical Thinking? How can Critical Thinking be promoted and encouraged? This article answers these questions and demonstrates how thinking can progress through the Cognitive Learning Domain, including the critical thinking levels by using

Discuss the variety of assessment options available, both traditional and non-traditional, and describe a possible testing instrument for each method that could be used in this process.

Scenario: As an instructor of the Basic skills class at Martin Luther King Community College, you have been asked to provide ideas of a variety of different assessments which could be used to evaluate student writing skills upon entering the school. These tools will be used to decide which students need developmental classes in

Training Evaluation Plan

Scenario: An insurance company has hired you to do an evaluation of their training program. They are particularly concerned about the new hire training for new insurance agents. This training teaches the agents about all of the different policies offered by the company for life, auto, home and health insurance. The current situa

differences in qualitative and quantitative

Discuss the differences it would make in your hypothesis and research questions, as well as the instrument you would use and the types of analysis that would differ, depending on the type of data collected based on whether you were doing quantitative or qualitative research. Must explain the differences in depth.

LGBT Cultural Competence

Create a literature review and research the Aging LGBT community and the implication for nursing practice. LGBT caregivers issues and the implications for nursing practice.

Getting the Family Involved

Different family members nurture the home curriculum: foundational skills, concepts, attitudes, and experiences are developed in the child's home environment. * Name other ways your grandparents have influenced your own learning. * Provide specific examples of knowledge or skills that grandparents help children aquire withi

Research-Based Methods When Delivering Instruction

Rationales for the use of research-based methods when delivering instruction to students with EBD are embedded. Why should one strive to use research-based methods when delivering instruction to students with EBD?

Early Educational Models

Please help with the following problem regarding early education models in America. Include references as part of the solution. Provide a comparison of education in the following areas of the United States: Old Massachusetts Bay Colony, the New England Colonies and the Middle and Southern States.

Managing Students with EBD

What should teachers expect of themselves when they become teachers of students with EBD (emotional behavioral disabilities)?

EBD teaching benefits are briefly presented.

Considering the bleak prognoses for many students with EBD, why should teachers spend time working with and teaching students with EBD? What markers will let teachers know they are making progress?

Reflective Learning

Discuss why these items might be the most significant to you: Home influence on attitudes and perceptions, School influences on attitudes and perceptions, and Community influence on attitudes and perceptions.

Summative Assessments are Clarified

If an instructor were to use assessment results as an evaluation of instructional effectiveness, should the test results be used as a formative or summative evaluation of instructional effectiveness? Please include a reference.

Comparing task-specific, hypergeneral and skill-focused rubrics

Rubrics Using the Internet, identify three different websites that have posted a rubric that is suitable in the classroom or worksite. Provide the link to the websites. Identify whether each rubric is task-specific, hypergeneral, or skill-focused and the reasons to support our decision. Discuss how you would interpret scores

Examine school systems now and then

Review the website of a school district in your area. Note at least five programs or areas of service that either surprise you or were not a part of the school system you remember. Why do you think these services are now part of the public school system? Should schools assume these responsibilities? Why or why not?

Poor instruction's effect on EBD students

How does ineffective instruction with students who face critical academic and social skills deficit contribute to or exacerbate the problem of EBD (emotional /behavioral disability)?

ADDIE model

This solution provides a better understanding of the ADDIE model and suggests library and online resources for better understanding how it might impact the success of an instructional intervention. Guidance is also provided for creating a paper addressing the following question: "Based on your research, reading on this topic, a