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Parents as Partners

How can parents be effectively involved as partners in their child's education? Give at least four examples that can be implemented today in your Pre-K classroom. What do you believe constitutes being an equal partner?

Whole Child Theories

There are many theories regarding the delivery of curriculum to young children. Even with these varying opinions all ECE teachers agree that it is necessary to teach the whole child. Following early learning standards and developmentally appropriate practice, choose one of the following Early Childhood Curriculum Content approac

Financial fraud

Many corporations and government entities have an internal auditing function and a separate fraud investigation function either as a subunit of internal auditing or security or as a separate unit within the organization. In addition, many accounting and consulting firms have a forensic, investigation, and litigation support serv

Assessment responses for ELL

I am reading on assessment for special needs and ELL, and I am trying to understand what is the best practices for assessment modification and accommodations response for special education students and English-language learners.

Software plan for company employees

Your organization has decided to invest in online learning. This may include computer-facilitated training and computer-based self-instruction. You have been asked to identify a pilot study to test the feasibility of incorporating more technology in training. Describe the topic(s) to be taught, who will participate, and an o

Disabilities and PHI correlation

Compare and contrast the future between individuals without disabilities and the future of individuals with PHI. Explain your response. What evidence do you have to support your response?


A preschool teacher decides to introduce a pet into her classroom. The pet was a hit; however, one student continues to sneak food to the pet several times a day. The teacher knows that this studentâ??s family is currently struggling with financial difficulties. The teacher decides to address the problem with the entire class.

Formative and summative assessment overview

Compare formative and summative assessment. Describe the process and use of each type of assessment. Describe how you would use the data yielded from each type of assessment to inform your teaching.

Case study

A teacher in an early childhood classroom approaches a little boy (Josh) during quiet time and invites him to sit and draw a picture about a story they had read in class that morning. Earlier, the teacher noticed that Josh fidgeted, squirmed, and disrupted other students by talking and pinching throughout the story. Redirecting

Principles of Curriculum Improvement

While accountability of the local school is an admirable goal, local schools may face a number of social and cultural challenges in meeting prescribed curriculum standards. In this assignment, identify some of these challenges, and explain their potential impact on the students, teachers, school, and community. Support your view

Use of Force Continuum

Please describe the use of force continuum and the authority to use force. What are some examples of control tactics? Law enforcement officers are authorized to use force in specified circumstances, are trained in the use of force, and typically face numerous circumstances during their careers when use of force is appropriat

Security types

Q. In your opinion describe the difference between proprietary security and contract security services

Simple answer on use of force continuum

Please help with the following problem and provide a reference to go along with the solution. Q. Please describe the use of force continuum and the authority to use force. What are some examples of control tactics?

Classroom Management Vignette Reaction

Write a 350- to 700-word reflection in which you do the following: o Describe the scenario. o Identify classroom rules for working in cooperative groups. o Discuss Lynette's behavior. Is it disruptive or nondisruptive to her group? Why? o Describe teacher behaviors that promote student motivation. o Examine methods for en

Role-play presentation overview

Develop a script for a 10-minute, realistic role-play, demonstrating a developmentally effective strategy for addressing an off-task child based on previously identified off-task behaviors. You may create any type of scenario, as long as the following roles are incorporated: o Role One acts as the student demonstr

Learning about the NEA and AFT

Visit and to answer the following 20 questions. 1. What does NEA stand for? 2. What is its vision? 3. What is its mission? 4. Briefly summarize the history of the NEA 5. Who is the current president? 6. What does the website say about him? 7. How many members does it have? 8. What is one of the


Examine the attached documents that define standards of behavior for teachers. Please share in your own words: 1. Commonalities you found in the documents; 2. Any elements that may have surprised you; 3. Reflections on personal experiences that your teachers were in compliance (or not).

Miami School District Negotiation

Miami School District Negotiation The Miami school district has announced that because of unexpected increases in enrollment, school boundaries for the upcoming year will be redrawn. The school board has hired experts to redraw school boundaries to be submitted for next year. Under this plan, many students will not be able t

Accommodations for a challenged student

Seth is a White male. Seth and his family moved to the community from out of state. His father is an officer in the military and is frequently away on trips. During parent-teacher conferences, his father states that education is stressed at home and he expects Seth to perform well and complete all homework. He also states that t