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    IEP Crucial Parts

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    What is the most critical part of an IEP? Why?

    Ethical Obligation

    Would the child, teacher, or parent be responsible for carrying out the goals discussed in the IEP plan?
    Would the child, teacher, or parent be responsible if part of the obligations in the plan are not being addressed in the classroom?
    Is there an ethical obligation to make others aware of this? Why or why not?

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    Each party would be responsible for carrying out their portion of the IEP. There are areas that state the teacher will do certain things on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The goals need to be discussed and documented to ensure that the child is making progress. The IEP should be designed to allow the students the opportunity to thrive in a regular education classroom. Although some of the teachers feel that this kind of implementation could be a bothersome ...

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    This solution identifies the most crucial parts of an Individual Education Plan (IEP).