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    Establishing a Learner Profile

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    Create a profile of a learner (real or fictional) from your educational or work setting that requires AT. Your learner should come from the educational sector that you currently work in or plan to work in once your complete your Master's degree: Early childhood, K12, post secondary, workplace training, etc.

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    I often use the below template when doing my profiles. Of course, you cannot always fill out everything for every situation, so use this as a template and then create your own using word and the table function:

    Establishing a Learner Profile

    Note: Before you get too far along the path of determining learning objectives, and designing a work-based learning program to address the gaps that you have identified, it is important to have a very good understanding of the learners with whom you will be working. Using this Learner Profile tool will help you get a better grip ...

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    This solution provides a tutorial on how to approach writing a profile of a learner. Additionally, this solution includes one reference source for further research on the topic.