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Teaching Adults on Drugs Through Adult Learning

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Teaching adults on drugs the history of drugs can be done using three methods: self-directed learning, transformational learning, and dialogue and/or questioning. Describe facilitating the learning of drugs using each method separately.

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Teaching adults through self-directed learning will be predicated upon first establishing a discussion group that is led by the teacher who explains the paradigm of the history of drugs in relation to the course. Those students who have little interest or knowledge must go through the steps of becoming interested in the subject matter, which can be accomplished by aligning the subject to the student's life and career. After students acquire interest in the subject matter, they can then matriculate toward establishing their own self-directed learning through discussions and interaction with ...

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This solution provides a blueprint on how a teacher could effectively teach adult learners the HISTORY OF DRUGS in a class utilizing transformational learning, self-directed learning, and discussion questions.

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