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    Adult Learners Versus K-12 Learners

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    Name some similarities and differences analyzing the instructional needs of a adult worker in a higher or corporate education setting as oppose to a traditional K-12 learner.

    Min 3 custom paragraphs with references.

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    While both K-12 and adult learners need to be educated according to their learning styles, there are various factors that affect the way these learners perceive education and their needs are different. Educators try their best to empower these groups of learners to learn autonomously through effective motivation and teaching strategies as well as providing support and resources. However, the materials and activities vary and will be chosen according to age appropriateness.
    K-12 learners are in school to learn new things and some of these lessons are not learned at home or in the community. Adult learners educate ...

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    The comparison of adult and K-12 learners -- how they learn, how teachers can analyze their instructional needs and how to address them are found. The solution is 408 words with three non-APA references.